"Everyone Deserve A Good Drink"

Who we are

We’re The Dalucia. Inspired and comes from the shortened name of Andalusia, where one of the earliest almond trees were domesticated in the world as far back as 3000 BC and have been part of the Mediterranean culture for millennia.

How it starts

Planning on becoming the leader in the plant-based industry, we have travelled the world to explore market’s needs and demands. With various of research and surveys conducted, we sees a gap in delicious-but-healthy drinks everywhere and the rest is history.

Why we are here

Finding a good healthy drink with great taste and price was never an easy task. Promising to produce all in one drinks is one of the promise that we hold since day one. We are not just focusing at the Malaysia market only, we are aiming to bring Malaysia’s name to the world.

Dalucia Was Founded

With the trend of healthy lifestyle is rising in Malaysia, we started the company to help more Malaysians to get healthy drinks!

Ready to Drink line up

Our first product line up was introduced to the market. The trio Almond Milk consisting of Original, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors were the first to enter the retails and building our brands around it.

New Packaging & Introduction to Almond Milk Powder

We decided to do some changes on the exterior of our products but still keeping the tasty flavor on the inside. We also came out with our 2nd product launch; Almond Milk - Powder.

We entered Hypermarket!

We started our journey to enter the mainstream hypermarkets such as Lulu Hypermarket, Mydin, Hero, KK Mart, Sabasun & Mahnaz. We are looking to list on other hypermarkets soon!

We Bring Dalucia to The World

Brunei & Taiwan were the first few countries we bring our product to. The feedback is really good and we're looking to explore the USA and France market, soon!

Introducing Dates Juice

We make some changes in our line of products. If previously we are well known for our Almond's product, we venture into a new territory by going into date's juice market!