tEEGo Dates Juice Original (Carton)


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Product Information:
[+] Packing: 24 bottle 400ml
[+] Flavor: Original
[+] Storage Instruction: Store at room temperature / Store at chiller after opened
[+] 100% plant based
[+] Suitable for 1 years old and above
[+] Does not contain animal hormones and antibiotics
Product Ingredients: R.O. Water, Dates Juice, Extract Stevia, Citric Acid And Contains Permitted Food conditioner
Product Benefits: Date juice is sweet-tasting derived from the natural dates fruit. Their sugars offer a better natural alternative to other types of sweeteners. A great combination of nutritional benefits makes it one of the best substitutes for white sugar, for instance :
[+] Decreases Bad Cholesterol Levels
[+] Promotes good digestions and the functioning of digestive organs
[+] A natural way to treat all sorts of anemia especially iron deficiency
[+] Energy sources for pregnant mothers


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