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Introducing dairy-free almond milk. A perfectly delicious and creamy dairy alternative which you can add to you shakes, daily tea & coffee.

Why Choose Dalucia?

Dairy Free

Dairy & Lactose Free

100% plant based from almond nuts, no added dairy products. It helps to reduce symptom of gas build up, nausea or bloating everytime having dairy products

Nutty Taste for Heart Health

Dalucia Almond Milk has 6% of almond content which is 3x higher than most of the leading brand in the market. Dalucia almond milk has low saturated fat and no cholesterol which is good for your heart

Family Daily Calcium Intake

Dalucia Almond Milk is enriched with calcium and taste so good that it is so easy to love by your kids and spouse. It is suitable for daily intake

Widest Variety

Dalucia Almond Milk comes with varies flavours that suit local tastebud. It comes with with all the flavour & versatility you deserve. Range from original, unsweetened, chocolate, strawberry or even vanilla

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