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What is DALUCIA Almond Milk?

Ever heard of Almond Milk? We’re glad to announce that The Dalucia is the #1st national brand ever to introduce almond milk in Malaysia.

With every care woven into steps of the process and the passion to a craft, we have come out with healthy and addictingly delicious almond milk flavours; — minus the excess saturated fat & cholesterol.


We’re The Dalucia. Inspired and comes from the shortened name of Andalusia, where one of the earliest almond trees were domesticated in the world as far back as 3000 BC and have been part of the Mediterranean culture for millennia.

One Bottle, One Drink

“Say no more to wasting your drink! Tasty, nutty, calorie control and convenient – simply great!”

Less than RM4 per Drink

“The most affordable almond milk in the Malaysian market. Easy for my travel too- simply fabulous!”

Advantages of DALUCIA

10X More Almond

With DALUCIA, the drinks contains 10 times more almonds. That’s because we don’t bulk up our almonds with water.

Time Efficient

Drink DALUCIA, and be more productive as you avoid the lengthy process of milking almond yourself.

Better than Fresh

DALUCIA is carefully produce with clean, sustainable, long shelf life of ingredient without scarifying its flavour.

Good for the Heart

Almond contains low cholesterol and low saturated fat. It great to prevent high blood pressure and promotes overall heart health.

Waist Friendly

HIgh fiber and low calories means less worry. Almond milk can be a healthy substitute for dairy milk if you are watching your weight.

Promote Healthy Skin

Almond contains lots of Vitamin E which act as source of antioxidant. its giive 50% of daily suggested amount.

Our Happy Customers

One Thing We Can Guarantee, They’re Addictingly Delicious!

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"Whether it’s morning or night, breakfast time, lunchtime or dinner time, anytime is a perfect time for a few sips of Dalucia"