• Care About Your Waistline?
    It’s Time to Switch to Almond Milk

    Evidently Lower in Calories. Packed With Nutritions. Healthy Whole Milk Substitute

Dalucia Almond Milk All Flavour

We’re The Dalucia

Ever heard of Almond Milk? We’re glad to announce that The Dalucia is the #1st national brand ever to introduce almond milk in Malaysia.

We have come out with healthy and addictingly delicious almond milk flavours; — minus the excess saturated fat & cholesterol.  Lesser calories, fewer worries of gaining that waistline. Available in Original, Chocolate & Dates flavour. Try one today.

Dalucia’s Happy Customers


6 Healthy Science Backed Reasons to
Give Almond Milk a Try

Waistline Friendly

Almond milk can be a healthy substitute for dairy milk if you are watching your weight. Regardless if it’s plain, sweetened or flavoured, it still has fewer calories & less fat than cow’s milk.

Good for The Heart

Our almond milk contains low cholesterol and low saturated fat. It also has natural omega-3 fatty acids which are great to prevent high blood pressure and promotes overall heart health.

Support Immune System

Almond milk is rich in vitamins that can give a nice daily boost to the immune system. Added B vitamins & iron also promotes healing and muscle growth.

Good for Tissue Repair

We use almond nuts as our main ingredient to produce high protein drinks. Yes almond milk can too be good for growth.

Promotes Glowing Skin

Almond milk contains antioxidant properties essential to our skin’s health as it consist of 50% of the suggested daily amount of vitamin E.

Good for Digestion

Almond milk keeps your digestion in check as it has nearly 1 gram of fibre per serving. Fibre as we all know is important for healthy digestion.

Source: Reader’s Digest, LiveStrong.com, LifeHack.org, Wikipedia

Our Ready to Drink Almond Milk

One Thing We Can Guarantee, They’re Addictingly Delicious!

Dalucia Original Almond Milk

Original (60 Calories)
330 ml

Dalucia Chocolate Almond Milk

Chocolate (50 calories)

Dalucia Dates Almond Milk

Dates (70 Calories)

Whether it’s morning or night, breakfast time, lunch time or dinner time, anytime is perfect time for a few sips of Dalucia