Ways To Eat Clean And Control Weight Gain During Ramadhan

Salam Ramadan Al-Mubarak

Ramadhan is the holiest month of Muslim in the calendar and its start today. It is a time when Muslim to around the world focus on praying, fasting, giving to charity and religious devotion.

Do you believe it or not, fasting during Ramadhan can cause weight gain in some people. You can prevent the undesirable weight gain by controlling your food intake during Iftar. Consume less food, fewer calories consumed, allowing you to maintain or even lose your weight during this holy month.

The reason for weight gain during Ramadhan.

We need to know what is the reason why gaining weight during Ramadhan. Here is some list that could be a reason why weight gain during the fasting month.

  • Consuming a large portion of food, more than the usual.
  • Eating fried, high fats and calories food in uncontrolled amounts especially during Iftar.
  • Consuming a lot of sugary drink during Iftar.
  • Lethargy and inactive after Iftar.
  • Not drinking enough water

Ways How To Eat Clean And Control Weight during Ramadhan.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you managing your weight during Ramadhan.

  • Have your soup and salad, because it makes you full and fewer calories.
  • Avoid overeating than usual.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the non-fasting hour.
  • Chew your food slowly to avoid indigestion.
  • Limit the intake of sweetened fruit juices.
  • Choose low in dairy or non-dairy product and lean meat.
  • Exercising and stay active.
  • Have a light and balanced Iftar.
  • Don’t skip “Sahur”.